All of my designs, use pickleball balls and paddles

Link to Cheryl Young pickleball!

If you are a Pickleball addict, or if you know one, click this link Here:

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I am delighted and excited to tell you that you can also find my designs used in an exclusive collaboration with  Pickleball Forum For Women which I'd love for you to see: HERE and also in the photo's  with their logos. 
I can now also reveal our line inspired by (and worn by Major League Pickleball's MVP Lee Whitewell!!! )   Please follow Lee on her instagram if you love a great laugh! 


working out in my jolly jumper to ##gonegonegone by Chilliwack, added some ##pickleball vibe to my sweat today ##pickleballislife ##bungeeworkout

♬ My Girl (Gone, Gone, Gone) - Chilliwack

I love spotting my pickleball pants on other people's fantastic websites! Here is Cheryl Young Pickleball! 

you can find them exclusively here: Rachael's NEW store:  Rachael Chatoor | Artists | Art of Where

Seriously is this too cheeky? Find them HERE

All inspirational (song) credit goes to the Barenaked Ladies who are the real mcoy behind the music, and and important part of the fabric of Canadian music. 
Thank you for inspiring me to have so much fun with your song. 

Exclusive editions Smash it and Space Galaxy.. only 2 of each paddle  will ever be made!!   Never lose your paddle in a paddle rack! Contact me to see if either are still available.