2015 dates
​July 17th  Sheila's Bistro 
July 18 ~ Marpole Summer Fest

July 23rd  Lulus Lounge
                 River Rock Casino
July 24-25 Bistro 72
July 29-30 Lulu's Lounge
                  River Rock Casino
July 31 with Barracuda 
                    the essential tribute                     to Heart 

Aug 1         Park Royal 
                  Summer Music 
Aug 3 with Barracuda 
Aug 7 with Indestructibles at 

                  Lulu's Lounge

                  River Rock Casino

Aug 8        Park Royal 

                  Summer Music 

Aug 9        Ladner Village 

Aug 15      with Barracuda 
                  in Edmonton
Aug 22      Sheila's Bistro

Aug 26-27-28  Curve Lounge
                    River Rock Casino

Sept 11 -12  Sheila's Bistro

Sept 12      Pop up Market                              Steveston

Sept  18 19  Bistro 72
Sept 23-24-25 Curve Lounge

                 River Rock Casino

Sept 26   Sheila's Bistro

Oct 1       Lulu's Lounge 
                River Rock Casino
Oct 2-3    Bistro 72 
Oct 8        Lulu's LOunge 

                 River Rock Casino 
Oct 9       Rockingbyrds

                 House Concert 
Oct 10      Sheila's Bistro
Oct  15     Lulu's Lounge

                River Rock Casino
Oct 16-    Sheila's Bistro 
Oct 17  Mighty Hughes,
              Victoria BC
Oct  22    Lulu's Lounge 
Nov 6-7  Sheila's Bistro
Nov 13-14  Sheila's Bistro
Nov 20-21  Sheila's Bistro
Nov 22 Vancouver Guitar Show

Nov  27   Sheila's Bistro
Dec 5      Sheila;s Bistro   
              River Rock Casino

Dec 11-12   Lulu's Lounge 

                River Rock Casino
                with  Hitzone
Dec 17      Lulu's Lounge
                   River Rock Casino
Dec 24    Lulu's Lounge

Dec 30-31 Curve Lounge

                    River Rock Casino  


Booking info

2018 Dates

Jan 11 Royal Van Yacht Club
Jan 19 Private event Hitzone
Jan 25 Royal Van Yacht Club
Jan 27 solo at Long & McQuade for Bose
Feb 8 Royal Van Yacht Club
Feb 22 Royal Van Yacht Club
​March 8 Royal Van Yacht Club

March 16-17  solo, Gracies next Door 
March 22-24 Vancouver Island tour

                      with  Dreams 

April 1, Two Lions North Van with
             Dancing Queens, Abba girls duo. 
April 5      Royal Van Yacht Club 
April 15    Zoomer show  with Dreams

April 19  Royal Van Yacht Club
April 27-29 Edmonton

                  with Dreams and Arrival

May 5    Blackjacks in Alberta with Dreams
May 12   Dreams and Arrival in Oliver BC

June 16 Astoria Oregon with Arrival

July 13 Harefest in Oregon with Dreams
July 22  Ladner Market, solo
July 27 Gracie's Next Door, solo 
Aug 2, Benton County Fair, Dreams
Aug 3 Illiani Casino, Dreams
Aug 4th Corvallis Oregon with Dreams
Aug 10-11 Gracie's Next Door, solo 
Aug 12, Ladner Market, solo
Aug 19, Jolly Coachman, 3-6, solo
Aug 26, Jolly Coachman, 3-6 solo

Aug 31,  Gracies's Next Door, solo 
Sept 8, in Trail BC with Dreams
​Sept 9 in Creston BC with Dreams/Arrival 

Sept 21, Centennial Theatre, North Vancouver
               Arrival, tribute to Abba

October 5-6  Grand Prarie with Tributes
October 13   Maple Ridge, theater with Tributes
November 2-3 Century Casino Edmonton 
November 16-17 Whitecourt, with Tributes
Nov 30 - Dec 1 Swift Current with Tributes
Dec 6-7-8 Camrose Alberta with Tributes
Dec 13-14-15 at Casino Regina with Dreams
Dec 31, Hard Rock Casino with Dreams 

As Nancy Wilson in Barracuda

Currently I"m Retired from all the band gigs listed below but I'm leaving the links up so that you can find them and go see them anyhow! They are brilliant bands and you'll love them I know!

​ Here is my retirement from the road story:

contact Rachael at

or on Facebook

 In the studio, Rachael works with Mick Dalla Vee, bassist for Randy Bachman and Fred Turner, and member of power trio Cease and Desist. Mick recorded the song Standing all the Way for Rachael in 2008 to be included on a worldwide album release for "Stupid Cancer" and he has produced all of her music, since.

Discussing the song’s impact on her life and career, Rachael says “Standing has brought me to many cancer related events such as Rock  the $/"! out of Cancer", and allowed me to support them". She also enjoyed her role as a spokesperson for the Walk for Kids Help Phone as well, noting that "My cover of Bill Henderson’s Baby Blue is something that helped me be a local spokesperson for them for many years” 

You can find my iTunes HERE 

Past Bands, info and links! 


Dreams & Arrival  Canada's tribute to Fleetwood Mac and Abba:   - the Ultimate tribute to Fleetwood Mac and Abba , is an authentic sounding, seven piece tribute to Fleetwood Mac. They perform in full costumes, similar to the actual styles worn by the original Fleetwood Mac/Abba . The band of professional musicians from Vancouver BC, has played many shows over the last few years in casinos, theatres and corporate events all around the world. Some of those places include Las Vegas, the Dominican Republic, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Regina, to name a few. You will be amazed at how close Dreams - North America’s tribute to Fleetwood Mac, looks and sounds like the original Fleetwood Mac. They take you back in time so you can experience this amazing music all over again! To book this exciting show for your next event please contact: Sonic Flower Entertainment Agency, Vancouver, BC.​

Hitzone is a 5 pc, top 40, we can play anything band with outrageous talent and an inclusive vibe that welcomes your guests and brings them right in, consisting of Tom Arntzen, Russell Marsland, Billy Mendoza and Shawn Soucy we recreate the hits just like you know them.

 The Indestructibles are a 9-10 pc soul band fronted by the incomparable John Delaney, backed by a band of musical wizards who lay it down so heavy you can't not dance. Rachael alongside Catherine St Germain, Kelly Brock or Angela Kellman is one of  the Indestructettes in this fabulous band. 

The Rockingbyrds  are an exlusive acoustic trio with world class artists Jeff Neill of Streetheart and Russell Marsland from the R & B Allstars. The three have come together to create vibe that is incredibly tasty, the songlist is  extensive and diverse which enables them to custom design a musical atmosphere to suit any exclusive event.

Barracuda Canada's Tribute to Heart

Rachael played Nancy Wilson for this powerhouse of a band for their first ventures through Canada and the USA! 

I also work solo and in an acousticduo thus enabling me to create any size band for your party or event. 

About Rachaels originals


News & Events

2016 dates 
Jan 1 River Rock Casino

Jan 2,8,9     Sheila's Bistro
Jan 15-16   Bistro 72
Jan 22       Blue Frog Studios
                 the Rockinbyrds

Jan 23    Sheila's Bistro

Jan 30     Sheila's Bistro

Feb 5-6    Sheila's Bistro
Feb 12- 13   Verve 

Feb 19-20  Sheila's Bistro

Feb 26-27   Cascade Casino

March 3    Curve Lounge 5-8 

March 4    Sheila's Bistro
March 5     Elements Casino 

March 10    Lulu's Lounge

                 River Rock Casino

March 11-12  Bistro 72
March 18 Sheila's Bistro

March 19-20 Zoomer Show
         the Rockinbyrds

March 19    Hard Rock casino

March 25 Hard Rock Casino
March 26   Sheila's Bistro 
April  1   Westin Bayshore 7-10

April   2  Fairmont  Waterfront 

                ARC   5-9

April 8-9  Sheila's Bistro

April 10  the Mighty Hughs
​              Fairview Pub

    the Rockingbyrds

April 15- Sheila's Bistro 

April  22 Sheilas Bistro
April 29     Cascade Casino
               the Rockingbyrds
April 30 Sheila's Bistro 

May 6-7 Bistro 72

May 13  Edgewater Casino

           the Indestructables
May  20    Curve Lounge

        happy hour 5-8    duo

May 25   solo Lulu's Lounge

               River Rock casino

May 26  Lulu's Lounge  duo

            River Rock Casino

May 27   Curve Lounge  duo

May 28 Sheilas

May 29  Art in the Park 
               North Vancouver 

June 2 Royal City Farmers                         Market  solo
June 3 Sheila's Bistro  solo

June 4  Curve Lounge  duo
June 10,11,17. 18  Sheila's
June 19  Dudrave Porsche                            Show and Shine
June 22 Lulu's Lounge solo
                River Rock 

June 26  BMO Marathon start!

July 1  Neighbours Corner Pub
             Drumheller Alberta
July 29 Hard Rock Casino

Sept 2   Sheila's Bistro 

Sept 9   Sheila's Bistro 

Sept 10 Lukes on Granville 

         duo with layla

 Sept 14    Lulu's Lounge Solo 

                 River Rock 

Sept 16-17   Sheila's Bistro

Sept 22 Royal City Farmers Market New West 3-7 

Sept 23 Hard Rock Casino 
               Unlisted Lounge

Sept 28  Lulu's Lounge solo

Oct 14-15 Sheila's Bistro solo

Oct 16   Ten Ten Tapas 7-9

Oct 18 Two Lions North Van

Oct 21 Lukes with Layla duo

Oct 22  Sheila's Bistro 6-8

Oct 27 Curve Lounge 

           River Rock 5-8

Oct 28-29 Sheilas Bistro

Nov 4 Sheila's Bistro

Nov 9th Curve Lounge 

              River Rock Casino

Nov 15th Two Lions North Van
Nov 18-19 Sheila's Bistro

Nov 24 Curve Lounge 5-8
​Nov 25 Shaughnessy Golf 
Nov 26 Sheila's Bistro
Dec 8 Curve Lounge River Rock            Casino solo 5-8
Dec 8  Lulu's Lounge River                     Rock Duo  9-1

Dec 13th  Two Lions solo

Dec 21 Curve Lounge solo 5-8

December 31  
            RETRO Tributes                          NEWYEAR PARTY                  at Cascades Casino,                       Langley. 
                Abba,                                        Fleetwood Mac,  &                         Rod Stewart. 

Jan 17th Two Lions  solo

Feb 25th Blue Frog with 

     the Rockingbyrds



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