Arrival: Canada's tribute to Abba as Agnetha

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Rachael Chatoor is a mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, musician, artist and native of Vancouver BC and has been part of the local music scene since the early 90′s, (when she went with her top 40 corporate band overseas on an international tour). She has worked as a solo artist as well as in collaboration with other musicians as a part of  corporate and festival bands such as  Dixie Darlins, Dreams, Arrival,  Hitzone, Barracuda, the Indestructables and the Rockingbyrds. 

This songstress also enjoyed a steady gig rotating into  Lulu's Lounge in Richmond's River Rock casino for nearly a decade and currently plays private events and at a select variety of lounges, private venues, golf/tennis courses and exclusive clubs around the lower mainland as a solo artist. 

Her rich healing sound has often been considered to feel soothing and Rachael is presently providing music for end of life services, for  families who wish to add the exclusive, personal touch of live music filling the room as they say  their  final farewell. (see link for info)

​The rest of the time she is playing pickleball. 

Almost Anne - Tribute to Anne Murray  this is a retired show unless an enormous theatre production  wants me to step into their world to pay tribute to the queen herself! 

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About Rachael

Mind the Gap Pickleball

This is a retired trio as Jeff has moved back east to carry on rocking with the Canadian classic legendary band  Streetheart 

Me singing Chiquitita with Arrival. 

official website

Barracuda Tribute to Heart (as Nancy Wilson)

Dreams Tribute to Fleetwood Mac, as Christine McVie

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Dreams, Ultimate tribute to Fleetwood Mac.

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​​​Rachael Chatoor