All inspirational (song) credit goes to the Barenaked Ladies who are the real mcoy behind the music, and and important part of the fabric of Canadian music. 
Thank you for inspiring me to have so much fun with your song. 


working out in my jolly jumper to ##gonegonegone by Chilliwack, added some ##pickleball vibe to my sweat today ##pickleballislife ##bungeeworkout

♬ My Girl (Gone, Gone, Gone) - Chilliwack

To have a watermark free  Pickleball Universe/Galaxy artwork applied to a shirt, socks, hoody, mug or whatever you wish, check out this link!  To see how it looks! 

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Like all my artwork you can use the designs on anything YOU like, you are not limited to what you see here, you are only limited by your imagination! Make a hoody, tshirt, mug, rug, capris, office gear, home items.........choose your style, choose your color, use my artwork.

I can even help you get a custom paddle with my artwork on it! Disclaimer I don't make or manufacture a thing, but I can take you to you the people who do! :) 

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